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More videos here

With 6A/M "Tetris" Short (April 2023)

With Full Circle "See It My Way" Music Video (November 2020)

With Mel Fine: Tiny Desk Submission (March 2023) 

With The Music of Dave Holland Ensemble live at Berk Recital Hall (December 2022) 

With Botero Music Band Live at the Warehouse XI Somerville, MA (May 2022)

With Berklee Pro Music Ensemble Live at Hynes Convention Center (August 2021)

Full Gig Livesteam in Boston, MA Berklee Performance Center (August 2022)

With Evie Segal at Berk Recital Hall (April 2023)

With Ken Goltsberg at Berk Recital Hall (May 2023)

With Christopher Mi at Berk Recital Hall (May 2023)

With Frogism at Berklee Performance Center: Pop Rock Guitar Night (November 2022) (* Skip to 30:35 mark for Frogism)

With Arina Reydon Band Berk Recital Hall (April 2022)

With 6AM Live at Berk Recital Hall (September 2022)

With Full Circle "Revolution" Music Video (November 2020) 

With Absolute Zeros "itty Bitty" Music Video (Febuary 2019)

With Botero Band Live at The Warehouse XI in Somerville, MA Mac Ayers cover (May 2022) 

With Cobalt Mountain at Otisville, NY Festival (August 2019)

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